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Repairing windows and doors since 1983: parts & service

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Before we can sell a part, we have to correctly identify it. If you would like to do this yourself, you will need some reference material.  We will try to provide that here.


I.) Prime-Line: We sell many parts from many sources. One of our favorites is Prime-Line.  Here is a list of their their catalog sections.  ID the part you need, and then contact us for price and availability.


1) Door Screen

2) Patio Door

3) Sliding Window (Horizontal and Vertical)

4) Casement, Jalousie and Awning Window

5) Truth Window Hardware

6) Window Screen

7) Screening Accessories

8) Tub and Shower Door

9) Bi-passing, Bi-folding and Pocket Door

10) R.V. and Mobile Home

11) Drawer and Cabinet

12) Home Security (Auxiliary Locks)

13) Fix-a-Lock

14) Defender Security

15) Builders Hardware

16) Commercial Door

17) Sectional Overhead Garage Door

18) Storm and Screen Door

19) Handyman Springs

20) Restroom Partition


II.) We will try to add information about the other things we sell. If you are looking for a part that is not shown in Prime-Line’s online catalog, contact us directly. We may still have it.



02) DSC.pdf
03) PDC.pdf
04) WC.pdf
14) Fix-A-Lock.pdf
19) Storm & Screen Door.pdf
05) CWC.pdf
06) Truth.pdf
07) WSC.pdf
08) Screening Accessories.pdf
09) SDC.pdf
10) SFDC.pdf
11) RV Mobile Home.pdf
12) CC.pdf
13) Home Security.pdf
15) Defender Security.pdf
16) Builders Hardware.pdf
17) Commercial Door.pdf
18) Garage Door.pdf
20) Handyman Springs.pdf
21) Restroom Partion Hardware.pdf